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Do you have a project in mind and want to improve on it?
Do you have a single goal or campaign that needs an idea?
Do you want to see best practices at work and avoid the painful cost of trial and error?


Magnitude offers project partnerships where we take your ideas and turn them into executable concepts.  You can also review established solutions that could be repositioned and reapplied to your problem.  If you want best practices, let our experience and focus guide you and your project to the best possible outcome. 


Creative Production

Creative Production

“Creativity is having original ideas that have value.”

– Sir Ken Robinson

We believe that creativity is not limited to artists.  Everyone is creativity.  Some of the most creative people in the world are business people – they solve problems in new and different ways, in creative ways that set a new standard.  Still, in the business of marketing and advertising, we use terms like creative to define artists – talented people that can make ANYTHING look like a masterpiece.  We embrace that and respect it, for those are the people that can take the mega-complex and make it simple, make it understandable, make it digestible.  We have those people.  We hunt for those people every day – artists that can simplify the complex.

  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience
  • 3D and Studio Animation
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Web Architecture
  • Web Development / Coding

Traditional Media Buying

Traditional Media Buying

“Everyone is not your customer.”

– Seth Godin

We believe that traditional media buying is mixed up.  Buying agencies exist and they buy traditional media as a percent of the spend.  We believe contingent fees are dead and it is unfair to the client to have a media buyer getting paid based on the very buy they recommend.  Do we help clients buy traditional media? Yes. Broadcast television, cable, and radio – we buy it for clients.  Our model, however, is different.  There is no contingent fee, it’s included in our larger relationship as a part of creating your success.  You see, we want what you want… for you to be successful.  That’s what gets us up every day, not what percent of your spend we get.  And, if you ask us, digital is the better play or, at least, where the majority of your dollars should be. After all, everyone is not your customer. 

  • Broadcast Television Planning and Placement
  • Cable Television Planning and Placement
  • Radio Planning and Placement
  • Outdoor Planning and Placement

Paid Social (SMM)

Paid Social (SMM)

“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you focus on, bust your ass for, and stay committed to.”

– Grant Cordone

Social has moved online too.  All our super-segmented interests are now online waiting for us to connect with a bunch of similar minded folks interested in the same things.  You name it, it exists.  Paid social advertising allows you to appear in your customer’s or prospects feeds.  Do it in a fun and social way, and you will be one of the gang.  We specialize in paid social ads and help brands wrangle up an audience that loves them, and shares them.  Highly measurable, highly actionable, paid social is more than an emerging technology.

  • Facebook Strategy and Management
  • Instagram Strategy and Management
  • YouTube Video Display Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising Strategy and Management
  • SnapChat Advertising Strategy and Management
  • LinkedIN Advertising Strategy and Management
  • Industry Trend Monitoring