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Remember when an advertisement meant a 30-second TV commercial or a newspaper ad?


Hamilton County’s Leading Digital Ad Agency

You Know Those Ads That Follow You Around The Internet? We Make Those. Why? Because They Work.

Big or small, we’ll help you get noticed. It all starts with the right message. We’ll determine your messaging strategy so we can hyper-target your prospective customers at a granular level. Your ads will be front-and-center to the people you want to track. Plus, we’re local to Carmel, so we’re close to your business.

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We help customers find you with a custom plan that considers a combination of paid search, paid social and programmatic display or video. 


Tired of not being found on Google search results?

Paid search, or pay-per-click, refers to the “sponsored ads” that appear at the very top of a Google results page. We’ll develop your keyword list and create your ads, getting you to the top of the results page. 


Ready to turn your “likes” into actual revenue?

The average person has five social media accounts and spends nearly two hours browsing each day. We specialize in creating campaigns that drive visitors to a unique landing page, resulting in more customers.


Want to be top of mind with your customers all day?

We can find your customers as they check their email, visit news sites and watch YouTube videos. We buy programmatic video and display ads from the best solutions out there. 

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Still Have Questions? Read Our FAQs:

Digital advertising is best suited for businesses that are looking for a way to increase traffic and leads or generate more sales. So if you need traffic and leads, it’s right for you!

We work with businesses of all sizes. Our clients include everyone from professional sports teams to small local businesses. Your audience can be as large or as small as you desire, allowing us to scale our strategy with the needs of your business.

Our experience has shown that the minimum monthly investment needed to see traction is $4,500 per month. This investment includes the creation of your ads and your media placement. After speaking to our team, we’ll provide a strategy to meet your budget and business goals. Rest assured, you will know where every dollar of your media spend is placed.

Consumers make decisions more to avoid pain than to satisfy desire. We have a skilled group of people who concept messaging and creative based on neuroscience, teaching customers how to avoid their pain.

Our goal is to help you move the needle. Each digital campaign is only a three-month minimum. This allows ample time for targeting refinement and optimizations against campaign performance data and search trends pertaining to your target audience.

We are here to help. We are a full-service agency that can help your business with branding, websites, traditional media, video production and more.