Zak Estes
Vice President, Bill Estes Automotive

“We trusted Magnitude to help us rebrand – updating our brand strategy, positioning, and messaging. They have also been responsible for launching our new brand and managing all aspects of our marketing, communication and advertising.”

Bill Estes
President, Bill Estes Automotive

“I consider our relationship with Magnitude something special. They have been there for us on everything and have been transformative in our marketing strategy.”

Bill Brosius
President, William Gordon Group

“The relationship we have with Magnitude is terrific. They have been there for me on everything and always have fresh ideas and a positive attitude. The working relationship is easy and productive.”

Gary McNutt
President, Wedgewood Building Company

“Magnitude brings the best thinking to the table that has changed my perspective on how to approach the market. They have increased our bottom line and given our brand an updated awareness in the market.” 

Doug Webel,
President & CEO, United Animal Health

“We’ve been partners with Magnitude for over 10 years. They continue to be of great value to our company.”

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